Find updated information on what we are up to here! See what dogs we have available for adoption, important dates and reminders.  For more information or how to adopt a dog we are fostering, please call us or shoot us an email! 

Foster Dogs


We are fostering miss Bella through BARC's rescue! She is a loveable 2 year old pit bull mix who has spent her entire life as a puppy mill mom! This goofy girls deserves a warm bed and loving family to call her own! 

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We are fostering Tigress through BARC's rescue. Tigress is a loving, sweet little ball of energy! She is great with other animals, she is tad shy  with humans but once she warms up to you, she is a total sweetheart!! 

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Rio & Sheeba

Rio & Sheeba are a bonded pair of livestock guardian dogs. They MUST go together! They are a little shy but once they trust you they are the sweetest dogs! They love farm life and work well to protect their livestock. Typical of the breed they are wanderers! 

Summer holidays

We have spent the last year working very hard to accommodate all our client's needs, working up to 80 hours per week each! We have decided to take two weeks off this summer to recharge our batteries and spend some quality time with our families! We are closed July 24-30 as well as August 23-29. We understand this may be an inconvenience but this is a much needed break for us, we will be able to come back fully energized and ready to care for your pets!

Thank you all for your continued Love and Support!! 



-Alisha and Shannon